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February 11, 2018
The 13th and 14th centuries are the golden age of drollerie.
This type of decoration is contained in the margins of manuscripts, often religious, such as books of hours or psalms. But far from inciting devotion, drolleries are unusual, satirical or even irreverent representations...

Its function still questions, but if it was simply a matter of entertaining the reader, in a slightly boring book? Or to parody some social hierarchies for fun, and why not make them aware of it?

The sketches are full of hybrids, aggressive rabbits, animals in outfits, inverted hunts, weird stuff... So many theatrical windows animated with virtuosities.

For fun, from the Grandes Heures de Jean de Berry from 1400-1410.

On this subject, readJean Wirth, Les marges à drôleries des manuscrits gothiques (1250-1350) and for an overview of this study, the excellent review by Andrea Martignoni.