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Sleeping Beauty - spinning wheel

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A little point about the prince's role in the Grimm tale.

Following the cross vows of the wicked fairy and the gentle fairy, the beautiful is destined to fall asleep for a hundred years, as well as every soul inhabiting the castle. During this century, when everyone lies asleep, a hawthorn grows and grows both around the castle and surrounds it completely. Many brave men try to break through the brambles to reach the princess - in vain.

As the hundred years come to an end, a young prince is coming. The thorny hedge then magically moves away from the tree to give it a path. Arrived in the room of the sweet and transient by its beauty, he bends down to kiss her. However, the hundred years had passed and the day had come when Sleeping Beauty had to wake up. In fact, the beautiful one beats her eyelids and wakes up.

So much for the prince's role in this tale. Perfectly useless.