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Kipling- The crab that played with the sea

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***This book***
From the famous "Just So Stories", let yourself be told this account of the beginnings, where we learn how Pau Amma, the first crab, became so small that he could hide behind a dead leaf. "No one in the world was as big as Pau Amma, because he was the King Crab of all Crabs. Not a Rock Crab, but a King Crab."
We also learn why crabs have claws, and why the tide washes away living water.
This mythical little text is enhanced with the superb woodcuts of May Angéli in a harmony of colours. The text is also embellished with small engraved motifs.

***This binding***
Straight back, half-canvas with frame. A beautiful sand canvas is associated with a deep blue marbled paper, all in shades.
17 x 24 cm, 32 pages.
Editions du Sorbier.